"The goal of animation is not realism, but the illusion of realism.”

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"Black Gold"

Exquisite work by PES. 

Across the Universe turned 3 today! :D

Across the Universe turned 3 today! :D

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The perfect middle
Wes Anderson // Centered



"Loading" by Aakash Nihalani (site-specific gif, tumblr dash)



"Loading" by Aakash Nihalani
(site-specific gif, tumblr dash)

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A Lasting Printing - Block Printing in India

Block printing has a 500 year-old tradition in the towns of Bagru and Sanganer in Rajasthan. The family tradition, the tactile nature of work and the fact that most of the work is done at home with the family, all combine to create a rich heritage of the block printing craft in India. Despite the pride in their work and a growing demand of their products, the artisans have a less than positive outlook. Poor work conditions, synthetics replacing natural materials and lack of improved technology are exposing the artisans to potential hazards - making them more vulnerable to sickness and injury. Combined efforts from Government, civil society and artisans are required to revive the hopes of thousands of families and make this craft, a lasting print

Dos amigos se reencuentran en India. Storytelling en el mundo Google.

A Scientific Guide To Maximizing Your Impact On Twitter, Facebook, And Other Digital Media

When is the best time to tweet on Twitter post on Facebook and email newsletters to reach the most people?